Who We Are

America was built by blood, sweat and tears.  Through the strength of our forefathers’ backs and the calluses on their hands, they forged this country.  The work was not easy.  It was dirty, hot, rough….it was BARBARIC.  Many seem to have forgotten that the progress and growth of the country rests on the backs of the men and women in blue collar America.  We, on the other hand, are on a mission to make sure this is never forgotten.  We honor the Blue Collar Barbarians of the past who built this country and salute the Blue Collar Barbarians who keep it running.

We are blue collar.  It is important for us to keep alive the traditions that were instilled in us by those from the past.  There was a time when your word meant something, when a handshake was a contract, and when a hard day’s work was something to be proud of.

We give to help others get back on their feet because, at one time or another, we have all been knocked down and needed a hand to help us back up.  We also give to support trade schools scholarships to ensure that tradesmen and women can continue to build and secure America’s future.


Barbarians Giving Back

With every BCB purchase you make, you partner with us to help struggling barbarians get back into the workforce and support the future generation through trade school donations.



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