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What is a Barbarian?

To us, a barbarian is someone who does whatever they need to do to get the job done.  A barbarian has a different mentality, typically instilled in them by someone from a different generation.  This mentality pushes you past the typical 8 hour day and prevents words like “quit” or “good enough” to surface.

Many barbarians are overlooked these days.  From the parents working two jobs to keep food on the table, to the tradesmen and women who keep this country running and all the other barbarians who have this different mentality and aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves…WE SEE YOU…THIS IS FOR YOU.


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Why Blue Collar Barbarian?

Blue Collar Barbarians mission is to support the blue collar lifestyle, give back to the community to keep the trades alive, and to pay homage to the barbarians of the past that built this country and keep their traditions of work ethic, family, and patriotism alive.

Barbarians Giving Back

With every BCB purchase you make, you partner with us to help struggling barbarians get back into the workforce and support the future generation through trade school donations.



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